Our Mission!

“We have one simple but grand mission: To reinvent weight loss, to see weight loss for what it really is, a pathway to great happiness.” We believe there is potential locked inside every fat cell. Because every fat cell that is destroyed, through a faster heartbeat or a smarter food choice, leads to the happier, truer self that lies below.

Results 22 is a dedicated weight loss clinic committed to providing the highest standard of care to our clients. We believe in promoting optimal health for every individual and do so by building relationships based on mutual respect and exceptional service.

Through the 4 phases of the Ideal Protein protocol, we will teach you smarter habits that will help you not only meet your wellness goals, but help you maintain a healthier lifestyle. Given both the alarming rates of obesity, as well as the consequences associated with the disease, our team decided our community needed a solution. As a result, and after much research, we were proud to bring the Ideal Protein medically supervised weight loss method to our office. Our office hosts weekly information sessions regarding the Ideal Protein Protocol. We invite you to join us.